Salem Witch Trials


  • Era: First
  • History: Arthur Miller's famous work The Crucible provides an insight into the mass hysteria that swept across the devout founders of the US in the late 1600s. The Salem Witch Trials occurred when a bizarre mis-application of faith was coupled with local feuds and led to a horrible series of tragic deaths by hanging and burning at the stake. 
  • Effect: Americans lose three wood. 

Strategy Thoughts

In the First Era, as mentioned before, expansion and industry is key. This card can be quite painful for the US, especially if it happens to fall on the opening round. The strategic implication is that the US should strive to use all Wood on each turn. Other nations may save up for an early Frigate or expensive Advancement, but alas the US should not. The best situation is that this card is played when the US has no wood in front of them, since resources are collected after History cards take effect, the US would be able to restock. Note that this does not mean the US should avoid wood production altogether, but instead focus on wood usage-to-zero, and avoid wood-generating Events in the First Era.

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